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By Rosie-Ann Grover of The Hamilton Spectator

When three workers tackle the twin-size coil-spring mattresses, six can be produced in an hour or about 25 a day. These are usually used for bunk beds or starter beds for children.

In this family-owned operation, all raw materials such as the coils, foam and fibre are from Ontario manufacturers.

coil mattress

Step 1

With custom-made mattresses, a person selects the desired sleeping surface. This foam topper will vary in thickness depending on the desired density. There are dozens of toppers to choose from, including quilted memory foam and posture control.

The topper is cut to size and taken to the serging area. A worker manually feeds it through a sewing machine to seal the edges. In this case, they use a standard topper (fabric) to cover the basic 3/4-inch of foam.

Step 2

On the building table, a coil spring is waiting. Flex, a plastic mesh, is laid across the coils. This prevents material from drooping into the springs. Larger mattresses will have foam cylinders placed in the spring coils along the perimeter and a hard foam slate across the middle for extra support. Here, a fibre pad is the primary layer. It's pulled tight across and around the springs.

Multiple hog rings are stapled through the pad, around the coils. The 3/4-inch foam is laid on the fibre pad. lt's laced through the corner coils and hog-ringed with a staple gun. The standard topper is added. The mattress is flipped; the same is done to the other side.

Step 3

At the taping station, additional foam can be added to the topper. In this case, a worker sprays an adhesive across the base level. The next piece of foam is carefully aligned on the top and smoothed over by the worker's hand.

At this stage, and for any mattress type, the piping or material trim is wrapped around the product using a sewing machine mounted on an elevating table. This tape (or binding) for the edges is made of a cotton-polyester. Sometimes scrap material is used for the piping on mattresses destined for mix-and-match sales. Mattresses start as low as $199. They're bagged and sealed for the factory showroom or loaded onto trucks for delivery. You'll see these mattresses in hotels across the city, including the Crowne Plaza in Hamilton.

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Coil Mattresses

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